Richard Dobeson

Richard Dobeson is a Spanish composer whose musical journey traverses the realms of classical purity and the captivating allure of electronic instruments. With an intrinsic connection to his Irish heritage, he has made Madrid his home, where his creative sanctuary thrives. A master of blending genres, he sculpts compositions that resonate with the essence of peace, love, and unity, painting a vivid spectrum of emotions.

Born with an innate talent for the guitar, Richard Dobeson‘s voyage into the world of music commenced during his teenage years. His dedication to honing his skills, coupled with a fervent passion for performing, culminated in the formation of a distinctive style that he would come to call his own. Eager to quench his thirst for musical knowledge, he embarked on a journey of learning that saw him delving into Classical and Jazz training. Guided by luminaries like Jorge Cabadas, David Gwynn, Nano Rivarola, and the renowned Goya Award-winning Eva Gancedo, his studies in Ear Training, Piano, Harmony, Composition, Arranging, and Film Scoring enriched his creative tapestry.

These multifaceted influences breathed life into his compositions, expanding his musical horizon. Armed with proficiency in instruments like the piano and clarinet, Richard Dobeson infused classical elements into his work, ingeniously juxtaposing them with vibrant electronic textures.

Richard Dobeson’s artistic odyssey isn’t confined to solitary creation. His compositions have graced cinematic visuals, seamlessly weaving narratives through his musical tapestries. His collaboration as an accompanying guitarist for singer Dani Martin, a founding member of «El Canto del Loco» underscores his versatility.

The discography of Richard Dobeson is a testament to his evolution. From earlier releases such as «Call Of Dreams,» «Elysium Bliss,» «Deep Heart,» and «Wild Flower,» to recent offerings like «Seventy Seven,» «Deep Heart,» «The Knight’s Way,» «Gentle Spark,» and «Summer Peace,» each piece unfurls a distinct chapter of his artistic journey.

As the horizon of Richard Dobeson‘s career continues to expand, the upcoming release «Quantum Echoes» promises to be another gem in his crown. Rooted in his fervor for music, Richard Dobeson’s compositions transcend boundaries, inviting listeners into a realm where emotions flow freely and the human experience finds its symphonic voice. With a heart dedicated to every note, melody, and instrument, Richard Dobeson‘s music resonates as a harmonious bridge between the tangible and the intangible, the ethereal and the earthly.

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