The beautifully expressive, wildly imaginative and harmonious style of Richard Dobeson’s sound can all be traced back to the roots of his lifelong passion for music and the strong connection to peace, unity  and love that it inspires in us all.

With dreams of making his own humble contribution to creativity, art and music one day, the young Spanish composer born of Irish origin put his heart and soul into learning everything possible about his craft as he grew up playing and performing at every opportunity that presented itself.

Richard joined several local bands as a teenager, first discovering his natural talent for the guitar and a genuinely sincere desire to entertain and make music a part of his life for the rest of time.

Dedicating his every moment to refining his capabilities and rounding-out his knowledge and skillset, Richard practiced and studied intensely as he began to truly develop his own style and sound as a musician.

He played with notable names like Dani Martin of «El Canto del Loco» and learned from true professionals like Jorge Cabadas, Nano Rivarola, and the amazing, Goya Award-winning Eva Gancedo at the «Escuela de Musica Creativa», in Madrid, Spain, where he still resides and bases his music out of today.

Through the exceptional guidance and experience Richard gained from his education, he continued to excel in his Classical and Jazz music training while he thrived in a stunning new outlet for his creativity.

With a born desire to learn and tireless enthusiasm, he studied electric guitar with the incredible Jorge Cabadas and went on to take pivotal courses in Ear Training, Piano, Harmony, Composition, Arranging and Film Scoring through the legendary teachings and talents of Nano Rivarola and Eva Gancedo.

The more Richard learned from the invaluable advice and experience of his teachers, the more he discovered his true love for music and felt the uplifting energy and inspiration flowing right through him.

Challenging himself as an artist and musician to develop his skills further at every opportunity, Richard also pursued his instrumental abilities by learning to play the piano and clarinet as he explored the bold connection between sounds with powerful emotions that added new ways to express the depths, dimensions and dynamics in the blissful atmosphere of his own organic creativity and songwriting.

Richard Dobeson has enjoyed every minute of his education and experience from each moment of his journey – and now it’s time for him to share his vibrantly imaginative and vividly colorful music with the world awaiting.

Officially releasing his new Single, «Wild Flower», in September 2021 – the insightful mix of Progressive, Art Rock with Dobeson’s Cinematic  Neo-Classical Instrumental compositions are a powerful representation of everything he’s learned throughout the years.

Over the course of  many stunning instrumental songs,  original music that resonates deep within us all at the very core of our humanity; to unify and celebrate our togetherness with sounds that sooth the mind, body and soul.

Richard’s inspiration, creativity and commitment to the art of making music continues to grow at an impressively exponential rate.

Through the love & support of the feedback on past works like «Steps for Peace», «Shirel», «The Bright Morning Star», «Give Us All», «Call Of Dreams», «Elysium Bliss», «Deep Heart» and the next Single Release «Wild Flower» Richard has been humbled by a growing fan-base and already hard at work in writing new songs for all to enjoy.

Relentlessly inspired by all-things-music, Richard Dobeson writes from an authentic and real place that courageously incorporates melody, emotion, thoughts and feelings in a captivating, charismatic and charming style.

He’s also had the honor and privilege of producing music for film & media, another outlet for his creativity and perfect vehicle to add his moving material into the soundtrack of our daily lives.

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