Finn and the Villiager – Rescore Richard Dobeson

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A 2015 American epic space opera film and distributed worldwide by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The Force Awakens .

This is one of the Deleted Scenes from The Force Awakens

Taken from the opening First Order assault on the Jakku village where Poe is captured and BB-8 escapes into the desert, FN-2187—aka Finn (John Boyega)—retreats in fear after seeing one of his comrades die. While hiding behind a rock, he sees a villager and her baby, shares a moment of terror with her amidst the slaughter around them, and then lets the woman run off into the night.

Finn refuses to kill an innocent villager on Jakku

Finn’s personal conflict with killing the locals in the stormtrooper assault of the Jakku village gets a bit more screentime in a deleted scene. The hero comes across a female villager alone, paralyzed by fear, but Finn, still traumatized by the death of his buddy (the bloody handprint can be seen on his helmet), refuses to capture or kill her and eventually lets the villager go.


This musical composition that accompanies this video fragment has been created for demonstration purposes and besides the musical part, I don’t claim any copyright or authorship of the material presented in this video.

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