My Little Teddy


Manuel, a retired fireman (67), lives with the memory of not having saved a little girls’life, in his last day of work. Therefor, he decides to dedicate the rest of his life to entertain children with cancer. Life gives him a second chance and he meets the father of the girl he was not able to rescue in the past. From then on, Manuel bonds with the father of the girl, that will make Manuel be able to recover his spirit.

Screenings / Awards: 

Awards «Gustavito» the best script

«Official Selection 2nd Annual Madrid Art Film Festival 2017»

Directed by: 
Patricia González Osorio (Uping Production)
Writing credits:
Patricia González Osorio (Uping Production)
Mario Martín Mario Larce Ángeles Girón Javier Pagalday Roberto Bodegas Pablo Andrés Hugo Gómez de Zamora Ariel García del Lago Diego Pagalday
Music by: 
Film Editing by:
Patricia González Osorio / Guillermo Groizard.
Casting by: 
Patricia Gonzalez Osorio / Pablo Montero
Production Design by:
Enrique Iglesias
Art Direction by: 
Redúan Hai
Set Decoration by: 
Escuela Metrópolis c.e. / El almacén de Atrezzo
Costume Design by: 
Patricia González Osorio
Makeup Department:
Workshop Experience / Yaiza Diaz (caracterizadora) / Alvaro Muñoz de Gracia (maquillador)
Production Management: 
Other crew:
Assistant director: Pablo Montero / Camera Director: Alba Chaparro / Assistant camara: Jorge Chavero / Electrical manager: Miguel Cruz / Electrical Assistant: Guillermo Gonzalo / Sounds: Eloy Gurruchaga / Shooting adviser: Jon Roman / Executive Production: Guillermo Groizard
Release Date:
Monday, September 4, 2017