Spanish composer Richard Dobeson returns with his signature cinematic soundscape for his latest single release, ‘Largo.’ Written for strings and a full orchestra, the neo-classical ‘Largo’ offers an out-of-body experience for listeners, while also focusing on the internal. The song was released on 17th of February 2022.

“There is something in this music that gives you an idea of the sense of life, of time, of eternity.” explains Dobeson, a reflection of the grand euphoria of time and space that puts the reality into perspective. ‘Largo’ itself is Italian for ‘wide’ or ‘broad’, which in music translates to a very slow tempo and movement. Dobeson captures the essence of this in the composition, a steady breath that accentuates the silence like the space between heartbeats.

The atmospheric composition is built on a terrain of orchestral instrumentation. Deep percussive drums begin as just a subtle heartbeat beneath the swell of warm strings and orchestral flourishes. The steady tempo of the drums soon crescendos, the rumbling rhythm becoming the driving force whilst surrounded by the elation of the string arrangement.

For Richard Dobeson, ‘Largo’ is a highly personal composition, one that exudes a soothing calm and an intense passion, a feeling that will enchant listeners time and again.

Mixing & Mastering:Julio Rodríguez Orozco
Music Production: Richard Dobeson
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