Supreme Architect

Supreme Architect,’ the latest release from neo-classical composer Richard Dobeson, builds new sound architectures with intense rhythms, dramatic textures and exhilarating melodies. Richard Dobeson, who lives in Madrid, creates cinematic compositions from the comfort of his home studio, transporting listeners to sonic universes, using imagination and self-expression as his primary tool.

Supreme Architect’ is no exception, blending together Richard Dobeson’s classical knowledge with contemporary and electronic sounds. Rhythmic percussion and powerful drums steer the ship, decorated with fervent sequencers and ambient synthesizers that create dynamics and suspense. There is almost jarring tension to the arrangement, crafting sinister and dramatic changes that leave a long-lasting impact, while mesmeric string sections and the simple strum of an acoustic guitar add euphoric layers, leaving listeners to contemplate the drama of ‘Supreme Architect.’

Set to release a single every 6 weeks, ‘Supreme Architect’ follows Richard Dobeson’s previous cinematic singles ‘Largo,’ and ‘Seventy-Seven.’ Dobeson himself is the architect here, constructing both grandeur and delicacy through the intricate details and soulful spirit of his music.

Original Music: Richard Dobeson
Sound Engineer: Julio R: Orozco
Cover Design: Sofy D.C.

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