The Knight’s Way

Spanish composer Richard Dobeson returns with his latest single ‘The Knight’s Way.’ Collaborating with electric guitarist Jose Garcia, Dobeson’s cinematic composition is infused with progressive rock for a striking arrangement inspired by the Mandalorian series. Mixed by studio engineer Julio Rodriguez, ‘The Knight’s Way’ will be released on September 7th 2022.

Taking inspiration from the Mandalorian series, Richard Dobeson used the protagonist as his muse for the track. “Continually finding himself in difficult situations, the protagonist has to make decisions, usually ending up in sacrifice,” explains Dobeson.

The protagonist’s catchphrase ‘That’s the way’ and the concept of the medieval knight inspired the title. Dobeson wanted the music to reflect the dedication of people who are forced to make difficult decisions in reality to the service of others. Atmospheric throughout, ‘The Knight’s Way’ is expressive and experimental thanks to percussive sounds and warm synths. The continuous steady pace is the perfect backdrop for Jose Garcia’s crunching guitars. The dynamic instruments complement one another, for an emotively bittersweet soundscape, that reflects the protagonist’s difficult decisions.

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