Wild Flower

Neo-classical composer Richard Dobeson is set to release his latest single ‘Wild Flower’ with guitarist Gabriel Cassany. The collaboration between the two artists brings together a combination of Cassany’s progressive, art rock with Dobeson’s cinematic instrumental experience. The track was mixed and mastered by upcoming sound engineer Julio M. Rodríguez Orozco, who has been gaining popularity in the indie music scene.

Atmospheric, expressive and experimental, ‘Wild Flower’ was released on the 21st September 2021. ‘Wild Flower’ is inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding Richard Dobeson’s hometown on the outskirts of Madrid. “A single flower would surely go unnoticed, it is the whole that makes it so beautiful, but if none of these humble flowers were to bloom, we would not be able to enjoy these beautiful landscapes.” states Dobeson, who believes this sentiment applies to humans too. “The same is true of people and their gifts and talents. We must be like wildflowers and fill all around us with the best version of ourselves,” is a poignant notion that perfectly fits the euphoric and contemplative sounds created in this sonic landscape. The opening acoustic guitar and the introduction of Gabriel Cassany’s electric guitar is mellow and soothing, before building throughout with the swells of string instrumentation and synth soundscapes. The experimental layering of the electric guitar hints at the influence of Pink Floyd and Genesis, one of Dobeson’s inspirations. A rhythm section kicks in with colourful drums and a kaleidoscope of sounds explores the progressive rock world.

Following the success of his single ‘Deep Heart,’ ‘Wild Flower’ is a dynamic contrast that creates diversity within Dobeson’s music. With a goal to release a single every 6 weeks, Richard Dobeson finds inspiration from his past experiences and his longing for spiritual expression, something that is a struggle to find through words, but makes a true connection through music.

Consider how the wild flowers grow.
They do not labor or spin.
Yet I tell you, not even Solomon
in all his splendor
was dressed like one of these
(Luke 12:27)

Music Production: Richard Dobeson
Electric Guitar: Gabriel Cassany
Mix & Master: Julio M. Rodriguez Orozco
Cover Design: Sofy D.C.
Video Edit: Erick Luna Abad
Video Camera: Pablo Barreda

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